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SNTST1850C4 - ST1850C4 Trim 15 deg Brad Nailer

SNTST1850C4 - ST1850C4 Trim 15 deg Brad Nailer

The Aerosmith SNTST1850C4 is a pneumatic trim fastening nail gun for 15g brad strips. Built with a robust design and enough power to install finishing materials to steel frames and even concrete. The SNTST1850C4 is compatible with Structnail Hardened Brad Strips.

In addition to speed and versatility, the aesthetics of a modest head design and the utility of the E-Z clear nose piece make the Aerosmith SNTST1850C4 tool a success.



  • Pneumatic driven for rapid and low effort installation

  • Versatile - for wood, steel, concrete, composites, trim, and more...cut your costs!

  • Enough power to fasten into steel and aluminium up to 3mm



  • Compatible with Structnail Hardened Brad Strips

  • Perfect for finishing trim and door installations

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