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Steel Frame Applications

Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ fasteners are manufactured and tested for high tensile steel made by BlueScope and other major steel manufacturers.

Open the door to huge efficiency increases by using the Structnail range for countless Steel Frame Applications, your builder will love you! 

Plating Lintels

Nail: SNC2359NG

Strap Bracing

Nail: SNC2359NG

Timber top plate hold down

Nail: SNC2509NG and SNC2639NG

Roof Battens

Nail: SNC2359NG

Ceiling Battens

Nail: SNC2359NG

Truss Brackets

Nail: SNC2359NG

Timber flooring

Nail: SNC2359NG

Fibre Cement Flooring

Nail: SNS5454PG

Fit Out

Nail: SNS075-100T, SNS075-150T and SNS1200 FINISH

Timber Cavity Battens

Nail: SNC2359NG

Metal Cavity Battens

Nail: SNC2359NG

Sheet Cladding

Nail: SNC2359NG, SNC2509NG and SNC2639NG

Building Wrap/Paper

Nail: SNC2359NG and SNWF50 Washer

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