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Aerosmith Partner

Established in 1967, Aerosmith Fastening continues to lead the way in the development of pneumatic hardened steel fasteners for steel building construction. 

Today's contractors are looking for faster, better, money saving products allowing them to be more competitive in today's challenging market place.  Aerosmith's line of innovative fasteners do just that, with Aerosmith predrilled holes and time consuming screwing is a thing of the past.  All Aerosmith fasteners are made with heat treated steel with a ballistic point allowing the point to penetrate the steel cleanly and quickly installing 7-10 times faster that conventional methods.  The friction force of creates the bond between the steel and the fastener for maximum holding power.  

All fasteners are made in America to the highest manufacturing standards, they also have been tested and approved for Australian and New Zealand non-cyclonic conditions. 

Structnail® and Aerosmith partner in Australia to provide the only engineered nailing system for the steel building industry.

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