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Jason Ogilvy is a passionate and experienced professional in the steel frame industry.

Structnail® supplies a range of innovative steel frame fasteners for quicker fixing application for the offsite and onsite building processes.


Building successfully in steel requires attention to the small things, like using the right products, optimising the design and engineering and having skilled and passionate people around you. ​


At Structnail® we offer a point of difference solving installation bottlenecks on your job, like how to make the steel builder/installer experience better than conventional construction with screws. Fixings via screws are time consuming and frustrates builders as they traditionally use nails. We are proud to offer quicker fastening options based around specialised nails for your business or project. 

We are also proud to be involved "hands-on" within the steel frame industry as members of NASH and contribute to the ongoing growth and market awareness of the industry.


We look forward to talking more about the right fasteners on your next job.


the builders are stoked that they don’t need to screw our cladding anymore. So much faster


this is going to speed up our truss fabrication process

Brett S


We now use the 2359NG fasteners to install our plated lintels and joists. It’s 6-7 times faster than tek screws, easy. We now use in other areas in our fabrication.

Craig W


these nails are fast and everyone is amazed! Awesome Jason

Jason G


I saved 4 days labour nailing 3300m2 timber flooring using the 2359NG nails. 100% recommend.

Tim L


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