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About Us

Structnail offers a range of innovative steel frame fasteners for rapid fixing applications in numerous onsite and offsite building processes.


Building successfully in steel requires the perfect mixture of the right products, optimised design, and specialised engineering.


Structnail offers a point of difference by solving installation inefficiencies on your job, by enabling the steel build or install to be more time-effective than conventional construction with screws.


Fixings with screws can be time consuming and inefficient, which is why we are proud to offer quicker fastening solutions based around specialised nails for your business or project. 

Structnail is also heavily involved with the steel frame industry as a member of NASH and contributes to the ongoing growth of the industry.


Find out how Structnail can help with your next project.


The builders are stoked that they don’t need to screw our cladding anymore. So much faster ...


This has rapidly improved our truss fabrication process

Brett S


We use the Supersharpy Gripshank nails to install our plated lintels and joists. It’s 6 to 7 times faster than regular self-drilling screws and easy! We also now use in other areas in our fabrication.

Craig W


These nails are fast and everyone is amazed! A huge time saver! Awesome

Jason G


I saved 4 days labour nailing 3300m2 timber flooring using the Supersharpy Gripshank nails. 100% recommend.

Tim L


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