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Modular Applications

Structnail's range of fasteners are ideal for the construction of Modular steel buildings. Off-Site fabrication demands rapid and reliable fastening solutions. The potential to save significant labour costs through faster installation methods is now available to you.


Why screw when you can nail? Reduce your costs and improve efficiencies!

Timber Flooring

Nail: SNS5454PG

Fibre Cement Flooring

Nail: SNS5454PG

Ceiling Battens

Nail: SNC2359NG

Roof Battens

Nail: SNC2359NG

Building Wrap

Nail: SNC2359NG and SNWF50 Washer

Sheet Cladding

Nail: SNC2359NG

Fit Out

Nail: SNS075-100T, SNS075-150T and SNS1200 FINISH

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