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Data Sheets

Technical Supplement for Exterior Cladding from James Hardie

The September 2020 supplement outlines the use of Structnail® Gripshank™ SuperSharpy™ fasteners with selected James Hardie™ products as an alternative fixing method to screws for steel framing. Nailing can reduce installation time due to the elimination of surface preparation steps, such as countersinking and patching screw holes.​

PT2000 Coating Warranty

Proprietry coating system PT2000 Warranty for external and fixing to Truecore™ materials

Ply Bracing Data Sheet

Ply Bracing capacity with Gripshank™ pins into G550 steel frames

Steel Sheet Bracing Data Sheet

Steel Sheet Bracing capacity with Gripshank™ pins into G550 steel frames

OSB Bracing Data Sheet

OSB Bracing capacity with Gripshank™ pins into G550 steel frames

Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ Coil Nails for Steel Frames - SNC2359NG Data Sheet

Item No: SNC2359NG - Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ 38mm Coil

Box Quantity: 3200

Head Width: 6.4mm

Nail Length 38mm

Shank Width: 2.5mm

Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ Coil Nails for Steel Frames - SNC2509NG Data Sheet

Item No: SNC2509NG - Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ 50mm Coil

Box Quantity: 2400

Head Width: 6.4mm

Nail Length 50mm

Shank Width: 2.5mm

Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ Coil Nails for Steel Frames - SNC2639NG Data Sheet

Item No: SNC2639NG - Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ 65mm Coil

Box Quantity: 2400

Head Width: 6.4mm

Nail Length 65mm

Shank Width: 2.5mm

Hellical Balistic Point Pins for Heavy Steel - SNS5454HPG Data Sheet

Item No: SNS5454PG - Hellical Ballistic 45mm Strip

Box Quantity: 3200

Head Width: 7.6mm

Nail Length 45mm

Shank Width: 3.6mm

Washers & Accessories - Data Sheet

Item No: SNW25G - Steel Washer 25mm

Box Quantity: 250

Washer Diameter 25mm


Item No: SNWF50 - Steel Washer 32mm

Box Quantity: 5000

Washer Diameter 32mm


Item No: SNWUNM65 - Magnetic Adaptor for Steel Washers

Ballistic Point Pins for Cooperage - Data Sheet

Item No: SNFP012C - Cooperage Pin 13mm Strip

Box Quantity: 5000

Head Width: 6.4mm

Nail Length 13mm

Shank Width: 2.8mm​

Compressor PSI - Data Sheet

This data sheet gives you guidance to use our Gripshank™ nails effectively in 0.55 - 2.6 mm material. Learn how to adjust the compressor psi and the coil nailer depth adjustment in different applications.

Compressor - Data Sheet

Download this data sheet before choosing a compressor for our Gripshank™ nails or our brads. Understand what the min. specifications you need to have for effective use of your tools type on-site or in the factory environment.

JN65 Coil Nailer - SNTJ65 Data Sheet

The JI Tool SNTJN65 is an industrial grade 15-degree coil nail gun, encased in a hardy magnesium body. This pneumatic coil nail gun is compatible with our Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ Coils available in 38mm, 50mm and 65mm. Combining a world class JI Tool pneumatic nail gun with the engineered Structnail Gripshank™ nail results in the most effective and efficient system for the end-user.

ST1850C4 Trim Brad Nailer - SNTST1850C4 Data Sheet

The Aerosmith SNTST1850C4 is a pneumatic trim fastening nail gun for 15g brad strips. Built with a robust design and enough power to install finishing materials to steel frames and even concrete. The SNTST1850C4 is compatible with Structnail Hardened Brad Strips.

In addition to speed and versatility, the aesthetics of a modest head design and the utility of the E-Z clear nose piece make the Aerosmith SNTST1850C4 tool a success.

ST3025C Cooperage Nailer - SNST3025C Data Sheet

The Aerosmith SNST3025C pneumatic nail gun is designed to shoot Structnail Gripshank™ Supersharpy™ 22mm pins and Ballistic Point 13mm Cooperage pins. Perfect for installing steel lintels, bracing materials, steel to steel applications as well as cooperage or wine barrel hoop fixtures. The light and compact design as well as consistent air pressure results in a safe, efficient and effective tool and pin combination.

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