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SNTCT9011 - CT90 Heavy Steel Nailer

SNTCT9011 - CT90 Heavy Steel Nailer

The Aerosmith SNTCT9011 has been successfully installing timber and aluminium flooring to heavy steel for over 40 years worldwide. With no pin, powders charges or pre-drilling required, this tool offers huge potential in labour savings when fixing to thick steel. The tool provides exceptional speed, and produces either comparable or greater loads verses traditional screwing methods.



  • Pneumatic driven for rapid and low effort installation

  • Reduce worker fatigue

  • Large air reservoir provides high velocity capacity for steel penetration

  • Faster installation

  • 100% made in the USA



  • Compatible with SNS5454PG Helical Ballistic Strips for Heavy Steel

  • Designed for installing timber, aluminium and CFC flooring materials to thicker steel of 5mm

  • Perfect for both on-site and off-site installation

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