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Comparisons: Gripshank vs Screws

Structnail® range of fasteners saves time and we believe you also save costs overall. We have looked at three (3) aspects to determining costs: (1) Time/labour cost, (2) Fastener cost, (3) Efficiency/opportunity cost to your business. This includes the benefit of any labour savings you have achieved. We have shown these thre (3) parts to demonstrate cost differences between our Gripshank fasteners and tek screws.

Below is an interactive chart for you to compare the many applications you would be using and see how we can stack up overall. We hope you can clearly see the benefits on the graphs to assist your decisions to intergrate our fasteners into your business.


Feel free to modify the sheet and add your specific applications, required area, your relevant labour and screw costs in the Red Boxes below to develop a more exact comparison. If we haven't included your current option/application for you, please contact us and we can update for you.


Structnail® has made the below assumptions in developing this sheet/graph. 

1.  An allowance of 20% wastage of screws including consumable like drill and driver bits. Based on numerous testimonials

2.  Structnail® pricing is based on Trade rates for this comparison. Further volume discounts available TAP

3.  Where Lintles are selected, a fixing pattern of 150mm centers has been factored

3.  Time per screw is factored at 5 sec. each into all products and 10 sec. for Hardibrace sheets

4.  Gripshank nailing is factored at 4 x faster than screws using Fibre Cement products and 8 x faster with other materials

5.  Labour rate includes all PAYG/work comp/holidays/sick provisions etc


This sheet is used for general purposes only. We have made all efforts to ensure data reflects real work situations. Any financial decisions based on trhe above graphs are the clients sole responcibility.

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