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Nails vs Screws Calculator

Structnail® range of Nails speeds up the installation time which helps you improve your bottom line. Update the calculator to compare our nails vs screws on your next project.

Start by Selecting your Application(s)

If you have multiple applications you will be able to select more then one during a single comparison.

[1] Select your application(s),

[2] Input your current screw pricing and quantity (m2/No) required

[3] Select your installer rate $/hour

[4] Select your charge out rate $/hour

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Structnail® has made the below assumptions in developing this sheet;

  1. An allowance of 20% wastage of screws includes consumable like drill and driver bits. Based on numerous testimonials

  2. Structnail® pricing is based on current trade rates for this comparison. 

  3. Where Lintels are selected, a fixing pattern of 150mm centres has been factored

  4. Gripshank nailing is faster by factor of 400% - 700% in the various applications

  5. Labour rates are designed to reflect what is paid to the installer and the charge out rates


This sheet is used for general purposes only. We have made all efforts to ensure data reflects real work situations. Any financial decisions based on the above graphs are the clients sole responsibility.

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